Our Story

After nearly 20 pleasureful years of serving our Scottsdale community, we have had good fortune in creating a following of patrons that have entrusted us with giving them the highest quality of Italian food and wine this valley has to offer.

Business is always a two way street. Since we have been blessed with a great opportunity to serve our community, we decided to expand our horizons by way of expanding and adding a new business, CM2 Pizzeria & Bakeshop.

Though we took a little while to come up with the concept and recipes, since our customers are used to a high quality experience, we needed to create something that would parallel with our mothership, Casa Mia. 

We hope that our dedication and determination in promoting, clean, organic, wholesome, delicious traditional and new recipes, will be as well received as Casa Mia.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. None of this would be possible without patrons like you.